Architecture & Technology:

Next to requirements, Architecture has been the contributing factors for failed IT projects.
  • Don't fall in line with Business architectures.
  • Most architecture lacks resiliency & Vision resulting in very fast retiring IT Systems.
  • Are brittle and fails to meet the changing needs.
Summit's Architecture Engineering team offers:
  • Well defined process for transferring Requirements to Analysis.
  • Architecture steps for making transition from Analysis to Design.
  • Architecture decision making and third party/ component identification.
  • Well defined process for transferring Analysis to design using architectural decisions.
  • Applying design patterns.
  • Baselined Architecture - This demonstrates critical scenarios, significant central functionality of the IT System based on which continuity of the development effort can be decided.
  • Analysis & Design Models using standard notations like UML & Object Technology.
  • Reusable Mechanisms and Patterns.
  • Pattern & Framework Repositories.