Summit understands that Strategy rests on unique activities. We don't just ensure operational effectiveness, because OE could be challenged and cloned by other competitors. Summit recommends Competitive Strategy - where the core purpose of competitive strategy is being different. This means deliberately choosing a different set of activities to deliver a unique mix of values to the business.

Enterprise Strategy Consulting
Requirements Engineering & Audit
IT Process Consulting & Audit

Architecture Engineering & Audit
Innovation Management & Audit

We guided a large super specality hospital in Business Transformation. Result: Cost savings of 10m USD and new opportunities for Innovation

We guided a large telecom company in Business Technology. This included adopting a hybrid process and model based development. Result: Significant reduction in Requirement related defects and improved maintainability

We helped an Energy Major in adopting Iterative best practices and Visual modeling to express their entire business process.

An IT Services company used Summit to deliver high end Business Engineering Workshop to increase project conversion rate.

An Auto major is using Summit services to roll out Requirements Engineering practice for Embeded and Mechnincal Systems.

A Product development company is using Summit's end to end offering to roll out New products.