IT Process Consulting & Audit
  • Do you have two plans? One for Yourself (the real one ) and one for the Management or customer ? If yes, then there is a crisis, a risk that is buried down. A project failure is bound to happen.
  • Increasingly, managers complain about their role where they end up doing more resource management and less of project management.
  • Unreasonable expectation, Over promise - under deliver has become a common trend.
  • Most projects estimates are mere "guesstimates" and the project never meet the original numbers.
  • Process Inconsistency - Using a heavy weight process for a small project just because its a standard.
  • Quality and its measurement reduced to mere documentation.

Summit's PM team offers:
  • Customised Process definition - based on Project types.
  • Customised Iterative Project Management Techniques.
  • Risk Identification & Mitigation plans to deliver Critical to Quality (CTQ) requirements.
  • Help in Iteration Planning, Execution and assessment.
  • Help gather metrics.
  • Assessments & Reviews across Phases.

  • Process matrix provides clarity and helps project teams to decide when to adopt Heavy weight process ? When to adopt Agile process like XP/Scrum/AUP etc ?.
  • Project would reduce the risk as it progresses.
  • Well planned Iterations and helps in base lining Architecture and Vision.
  • Matured Vision.
  • Achieve "economies of Scale"