Requirements Engineering & Audit

  • Are not obvious.
  • Are difficult to communicate.
  • Root causes not addressed.
  • Domain competencies.
  • Involve many stakeholders.
  • Are represented or collected in different forms/templates.
  • Change..

Summit's Requirements Engineering team offers
  • Create Vision document for the IT Project by working with CIO's office.
  • Prepare Business case & establish scope.
  • Capturing requirements formally through formal elicitation techniques.
  • Prepare SRS.
  • Establish Requirements Management Plan.
  • Establish Traceability between different types of requirements.
  • Establish Impact analysis & Change Management.

  • Established Requirements management process with formal techniques to engineer requirements.
  • Traceability established between various requirement's artifacts.
  • Matured Vision Document - Stakeholders will have clarity about what they want and what the development team is delivering.
  • Baselined SRS which includes Functional ( Usecases) & Non Functional reports.